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Is Body Building Considered a Sport to You?

Many individuals in the body building industry nurse a dream of seeing their trade gain a worldwide recognition as a sport. Yet there is every reason that at a personal level, you may wish that it remains out of the Olympics since, being a sport, it will loose out on its essence. A very radical thought indeed, but ask yourself, is body building really a sport? If you are one of those who are adamant that body building should be included in the Olympics calendar, do you really think that body building is like any of the sports you have seen listed there?

In body building, nobody ever jumps higher than the other, nobody runs faster than the other and even nobody earns credit based on how much weight he or she can lift. Weight lifting is truly a sport since, weights are measured and guys compete on lifting the heaviest barbell. Athletics are a sport because guys get to a straight line to start a race and the first to come back to the line clearly wins on account of speed. But look at body builders.

This is a personal venture, adopting strategies and measures based on the self and where there is no clear competition line between the body builders, besides the muscle mass and definition, which is really not a clear demarcation that would not be decided on without judges. In boxing, the judges are actually as convinced of winners as are the audience but come to body building, each individual, judges and the audience, have a different winner in mind for any contest, at most times.

That withstanding, body builders spend years and years calculating their food intake and then carefully planning their workouts on a personalized basis. Everything centers on personal opinion of what he or she thinks could make his or her body look a particular way. After all that, and the body becomes what the owner wanted, what he or she feel to be Trenbolone Enanthate just right, he or she then gets to the calculations again. He or she must now determine the food intake and a totally re-planned workout schedule targeted at leaning out the physique, the essence of the leaning is to show off the hard sculpting of muscles he or she has achieved.

In competitive levels a perfect package is what is judged, with mandatory poses that are well practiced before hand. You present your physique to a sifted panel of judges and a very opinionated audience. The basis of judgment? Better symmetry, candid or more separation, poses, vascularity, etc…So ask yourself, where did the sport come in. what do we take to the Olympics, what is going to entertain, the years of practice. Are you sure that Olympic audiences will be thrilled by a “sport’ that has no performance but presentation?

By now you should have seen the thought process advancing towards a conclusion that body building should remain our individual venture, competition between ourselves and not to sporting arenas. The essence of body building is not in sporting, as in football, but in lifestyle achievements. Think about it some.

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